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Farren Memorials has been servicing the Shanganagh Cemetery for many years. We offer a variety of services such as headstones, inscriptions, renovation, and maintenance.

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We understand the importance of maintaining headstones and grave sites at Shanganagh Cemetery and ensuring that it is a respectful place for the deceased and their loved ones.

We pride ourselves on our professional and friendly services we offer at Shanganagh Cemetery, and we are available to answer any questions you may have about any of them.

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Shanganagh Cemetery Services

We offer all our Headstone & Memorial services in Shanganagh Cemetery. You can see a summary of each service below:

Headstones Shanganagh

If you need to place a headstone in Shanganagh Cemetery we can assist you in doing so. If you are interested in creating a custom headstone for your loved one in Shanganagh Cemetery, please contact us today.

Headstone Inscriptions Shanganagh

Headstone inscriptions are arguably one of the most important elements of a gravestone. We offer our inscriptions services in Shanganagh Cemetery so get in touch and we’ll help you.

Headstone Renovation Shanganagh

Our team offer a variety of different headstone renovation services to suit your needs. We can clean the stone, repair any damage, and even make changes to the inscription if you so desire.

Grave Maintenance Shanganagh

We offer a wide range of grave maintenance services in Shanganagh Cemetery to cater for all your needs. We understand that dealing with the upkeep of a loved one’s grave can be a difficult and emotional task, which is why we offer our help and support every step of the way.

Shanganagh Cemetery History

Shanganagh Cemetery is located in Shankill, Dublin, Ireland and is the final resting place of many prominent figures in Irish history. It was founded in 1720 by a Quaker family, the Harrisons, as a private cemetery and was later acquired by Dublin Corporation in 1844.

The cemetery covers an area of 27 acres and contains around 40,000 headstones. The cemetery is known for its stunning Victorian architecture and gardens with various species of trees, shrubs and flowers.

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The main entrance to Shanganagh is marked by a large stone archway flanked by two bronze statues of angels on either side.

There are several chapels located inside the grounds – the Old Chapel (1785), Roman Catholic Chapel (1870) and Church of Ireland Chapel (1961).

The graveyard holds some fascinating stories from its past including that of Robert Emmet who was buried here after his execution in 1803.

Emmet was an Irish patriot who led an unsuccessful rebellion against British rule. His grave can be found near the old chapel and features a memorial plaque inscribed with his famous last words “Let no man write my epitaph”.

Other notable people buried in Shanganagh include James Joyce’s parents John Stanislaus Joyce and Mary Murray Joyce, James ‘Jemmy’ Hope an Irish revolutionary executed in 1916 as well as members of Wolfe Tone’s United Irishmen organisation also buried near Emmet’s grave which reflects their shared goals to overthrow British rule.

Not only does Shanganagh hold historical significance but it also serves as a wildlife sanctuary home to various species of birds such as crows, ravens, magpies, wood pigeons and pheasants that can be seen gathering around the lake or singing from atop tall trees during sunset hours.

Foxes can also be seen roaming about amongst the tombstones during nightfall adding to the romanticism associated with this place which has served as an inspiration for numerous poets over time including W.B Yeats whose poem ‘Shanganagh Cemetery’ speaks about death being neither sad nor joyful but rather just part of life’s natural cycle.

A variety of events are organised at Shanganagh throughout the year such as guided walks through different sections of the cemetery exploring its rich history or cultural events like music festivals celebrating local talent amidst nature’s beauty thus making it more than just a graveyard but rather a place that brings people together in meaningful ways while commemorating those buried here who have made lasting impressions on our history.

Shanganagh Cemetery is therefore much more than just another graveyard; it is a site filled with mystery, intrigue, culture and memories waiting to be discovered -a reminder that life is fleeting yet still full of potential if we choose to make something out of it instead merely accepting our fate without putting up any fight against adversity.. all this while providing us with beautiful sights along our journey through its peaceful atmosphere accompanied by abundant wildlife making every visit here worth cherishing for years to come!

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