Newlands Cross Cemetery

Farren Memorials has been servicing the Newlands Cross Cemetery for many years. We offer a variety of services such as headstones, inscriptions, renovation, and maintenance.

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We understand the importance of maintaining headstones and grave sites at Newlands Cross Cemetery and ensuring that it is a respectful place for the deceased and their loved ones.

We pride ourselves on our professional and friendly services we offer at Newlands Cross Cemetery, and we are available to answer any questions you may have about any of them.

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Balgriffin Cemetery Services

We offer all our Headstone & Memorial services in Newlands Cross Cemetery. You can see a summary of each service below:

Headstones Newlands Cross

If you need to place a headstone in Newlands Cross Cemetery we can assist you in doing so. If you are interested in creating a custom headstone for your loved one in Newlands Cross Cemetery, please contact us today.

Headstone Inscriptions Newlands Cross

Headstone inscriptions are arguably one of the most important elements of a gravestone. We offer our inscriptions services in Newlands Cross Cemetery so get in touch and we’ll help you.

Headstone Renovation Newlands Cross

Our team offer a variety of different headstone renovation services to suit your needs. We can clean the stone, repair any damage, and even make changes to the inscription if you so desire.

Grave Maintenance Newlands Cross

We offer a wide range of grave maintenance services in Newlands Cross Cemetery to cater for all your needs. We understand that dealing with the upkeep of a loved one’s grave can be a difficult and emotional task, which is why we offer our help and support every step of the way.

Newlands Cross Cemetery History

Newlands Cross Cemetery is a historic graveyard in Dublin, Ireland. It dates back to the late 16th century and is one of the oldest cemeteries in the city. The cemetery is well known for its unique history and its significance in Irish culture.

The origin of Newlands Cross Cemetery dates back to 1588 when it was first established by William Coddington as a burial ground for the poor and destitute of Dublin.

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In 1622, it became Dublin’s official public cemetery but was later used exclusively for Protestant burials.

This tradition lasted until 1856 when the Catholic Church acquired control of the cemetery and allowed Catholic burials to take place there as well.

Throughout its long history, numerous famous figures have been laid to rest in Newlands Cross Cemetery including notable Irish politicians, writers and artists such as Daniel O’Connell, Oscar Wilde, W.B Yeats, James Joyce and Bram Stoker.

It is also home to some prominent memorials dedicated to those who lost their lives in various wars including World War I, World War II and other conflicts such as The Great Famine of Ireland (1845 – 1852).

Today Newlands Cross Cemetery remains an important part of Dublin’s heritage and continues to be a significant site with regards to Irish culture and history.

As you walk through the cemetery you will find over 70 ornate tombs that are decorated with sculptures depicting angels or other religious symbols.

Each tomb tells a unique story about its occupant’s life which makes this site particularly interesting for visitors exploring its historical grounds.

In recent years conservation efforts have helped improve the condition of many deteriorating grave markers at Newlands Cross Cemetery so that they can be preserved for future generations.

For example in 2017 a restoration project funded by Dublin City Council saw workers repointing brick walls, repairing gates and replacing broken headstones around the site.

Newlands Cross Cemetery offers more than just a glimpse into Irish history; it also provides a sense of peace and tranquillity in an otherwise busy cityscape and is home to an abundance of flora and fauna including rare species such as hares, foxes, wildflowers and butterflies.

The grounds provide a picturesque backdrop for visitors looking for time away from busy city life or perhaps even inspiration from deceased poets whose works have gone down in literary history!

It is therefore no surprise that Newlands Cross Cemetery continues to attract thousands of visitors each year who come not only to pay their respects but also explore its rich cultural past – ranging from churchyard graveyards dating back centuries ago right up until modern times when it has become an iconic tourist attraction in most people’s eyes!

Whether you are planning on visiting Newlands Cross Cemetery simply out of curiosity or on a pilgrimage honoring someones memory you can rest assured that this unique graveyard will provide you with plenty of stories worth exploring!

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