Mount Jerome Cemetery

Farren Memorials has been servicing the Mount Jerome Cemetery for many years. We offer a variety of services such as headstones, inscriptions, renovation, and maintenance.

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We understand the importance of maintaining headstones and grave sites at Mount Jerome Cemetery and ensuring that it is a respectful place for the deceased and their loved ones.

We pride ourselves on our professional and friendly services we offer at Mount Jerome Cemetery, and we are available to answer any questions you may have about any of them.

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Mount Jerome Cemetery Services

We offer all our Headstone & Memorial services in Mount Jerome Cemetery. You can see a summary of each service below:

Headstones Mount Jerome

If you need to place a headstone in Mount Jerome Cemetery we can assist you in doing so. If you are interested in creating a custom headstone for your loved one in Mount Jerome Cemetery, please contact us today.

Headstone Inscriptions Mount Jerome

Headstone inscriptions are arguably one of the most important elements of a gravestone. We offer our inscriptions services in Mount Jerome Cemetery so get in touch and we’ll help you.

Headstone Renovation Mount Jerome

Our team offer a variety of different headstone renovation services to suit your needs. We can clean the stone, repair any damage, and even make changes to the inscription if you so desire.

Grave Maintenance Mount Jerome

We offer a wide range of grave maintenance services in Mount Jerome Cemetery to cater for all your needs. We understand that dealing with the upkeep of a loved one’s grave can be a difficult and emotional task, which is why we offer our help and support every step of the way.

Mount Jerome Cemetery History

Mount Jerome Cemetery in Dublin has a long and fascinating history. Founded in 1836, it is one of the oldest cemeteries in the city, as well as being one of the largest.

The cemetery was originally established as a private burial ground for the wealthy families of Dublin and surrounding counties.

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The first interment took place in 1837, with many notable figures from the time being laid to rest here, such as Archbishop Murray and Sir Richard Dowse.

The cemetery quickly grew over time to encompass 20 acres of land. During this period, Mount Jerome saw some of its most influential inhabitants buried within its grounds.

Notable individuals include Patrick Kavanagh, who wrote his iconic poem “On Raglan Road” while walking around its leafy pathways; playwright Oliver Goldsmith; politician William Smith O’Brien; chemist Robert Kane; and scientist John Tyndall.

Throughout the 19th century, Mount Jerome earned a reputation as a peaceful haven for those seeking contemplation or respite from everyday life.

Its picturesque surroundings made it popular with artists, writers and poets alike who sought inspiration in its beauty.

One of its most famous visitors was artist William Leech who painted many landscapes featuring Mount Jerome’s scenery until his death in 1931.

In more recent times, Mount Jerome has become an important part of Irish history and culture due to its connections with key events such as the 1916 Easter Rising and War of Independence.

Throughout these tumultuous times hundreds of brave men and women are believed to have been buried here – making Mount Jerome an integral part of Irish history that continues to be commemorated today through memorials scattered across its grounds which pay tribute to those who gave so much for their country’s freedom.

Today Mount Jerome is still open for burials but also welcomes visitors from all over Ireland who come to pay their respects at gravesides or admire its historical landmarks including the mausoleum built by Lord Powerscourt in memory of his wife Lady Powerscourt which is situated near the chapel complex at the cemetery’s entrance gate.

Farren Memorials provides headstones, grave maintenance services and headstone renovations for both existing gravestones or those wishing to commemorate their ancestors at this special place – ensuring Mount Jerome remains an important part of Ireland’s past, present and future for generations to come!

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