There are few better ways to help preserve the memories of your loved ones than by creating loving custom memorials that were designed specifically with your loved one in mind. At Farren Memorials, our compassionate staff has the experience you want to help you create a thoughtful headstone to your departed loved one that both you and your family can be proud of.


Farren Memorials are specialists when it comes to cleaning and restoring headstones and gravesites. We work to preserve memorials with integrity, maintaining their longevity, and ensuring the safety of structures.

We don’t take shortcuts. We ensure that our work is of high-quality and we know and respect the importance of preservation. Our primary goal is to uphold the longevity of memory and to realise the significance of preserving the memory of those we have lost through their final resting place.

We offer cleaning and restoration services for:

Headstones and footstones

  • Lawn Larkers
  • Cremation Stones
  • Statues
  • Memorials and plaques
  • And much more

The various materials we can clean, and repair include:

  • Limestone
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Granite

You deserve nothing less than outstanding customer service, excellent design, and trustworthy manufacturing


With limited space on a monument, the message etched on a headstone needs to be meaningful, legible, and last for generations. Here at Farren Memorials we can match existing fonts and our skilled mason is responsible for hand carving letters and lead letters. We can advise on the most appropriate style and technique for your headstones.


With over 10 years experience in grave maintenance, Farren Memorials can offer a high quality service throughout the greater Dublin area. If you live some distance away and cannot visit as much as you would like we can offer you great peace of mind to know that your loved ones final resting place is very well looked after all year round.